We are suppliers of equipment & agricultural control solutions with the most modern technology today.

With the motto “OPTIMAL SOLUTION – MAXIMUM BENEFIT”, FARMILA striving to become one of the leading companies in the country and the region in the field of manufacturing and providing technology solutions and processing and storage of grain.


  • 16/2/2009: FARMILA found by Mr.Luong Trung Hieu, main business: distributing grain dryer, manufacturing machinery for rice industry.
  • 28/12/2012: FARMILA joint venture with Buhler to established Buhler Farmila Vietnam, Mr.Luong Trung Hieu in charge of General Manager. Main business: solution provider for rice industry.
  • 11/2016: Buhler Farmila marge with Buhler Vietnam to establish Buhler Asia Vietnam, Farmila still member of new company, Mr.Luong Trung Hieu in charge of Deputy General Manager. Manufacturing machinery and solution for rice industry, distributing all products from Buhler worldwide in Vietnam market.
  • 30/9/2018: FARMILA stop joint venture with Buhler to be strategy partner Buhler in given solution for rice industry market in Vietnam.

Business of FARMILA now

  • Manufacturing and provide square silo for paddy and rice.
  • Distributor Buhler rice machinery in Vietnam market.
  • Coordinate and supply auxiliary for rice project in use main machine from Buhler.
  • Sell automation, grain monitor device and solution with latest technology.


  • Always apply latest technology from around the World combine with local know-how to provide standard solution fit to customer’s reasonable demand, support to bring more profit for customer.
  • Training the team know how to listen and deep understand what customer need, therefore serve customer better. The team will always put customer benefit in first priority than company benefit.
  • Establish the technical service team have high education level and good experience always ready to support customer when needed.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Employees trained well to have enough capability to certify quality system demand.
  • Often to do improvement the system and products.